The finals for the Devon Cup were held on Friday 30th March at Devon & Exeter on behalf of Okehampton.

I would like to thank Adam for hosting the event and also the markers on the night, Dean Clayton, David Hughes & Bruce Coleman.

The Shield final was between Okehampton & Tiverton. Four of the matches were held on the glass back and one on court 5. The match on court 5 was the only match to go to 5 games, not unusual really as it was Phil Allin he likes to get his money’s worth! The first 2 matches went to Okehampton and the 3rd went to Tiverton. The 4th match of the evening clinched the Shield for Okehampton with Arnie Searle winning 3-0 against Gerry Batten. The final match went to Tiverton giving the final score 3-2 to Okehampton.

The Shield plate final was between Exmouth & Plymouth University. Again there was only 1 match that went to 5 games. The first 2 matches went to the Uni and the 3rd to Exmouth. The match between Garry Batten & Matt Eglen went to 5 games and this was a long match that finally ended going to Matt to clinch the victory over Exmouth. The final game went also to the University giving a 4-1 victory.

Here are the match results:

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Alan Ford