In the Devon Shield Finals this year were Plymouth University & Exmouth. Plymouth University had the choice of venue and decided on hosting the event at Fort Stamford.
I would like to thank Royston for hosting this event and also the markers on the night, Dean Clayton, David Morris & David Hughes. Also a thank you for Jess Hefford for taking the photos.
Exmouth unfortunately were only able to field a team of 4 players. Due to this being a last minute decision I was volunteered to play to give the player a match. This was only counted as a friendly and Plymouth were awarded the walkover at string 5.
First on were strings 3 & 4. The first match went to Plymouth and a close second match went to Dave Kussel (Exmouth) winning 3-2.
To give the Plymouth University string 5 a match I went on. This went to 5 games with a narrow victory to myself.
The last two matches went to Plymouth University giving them the victory 4 matches to 1 and the Devon Shield.

Click below for the score card:

The other event was the Devon Shield Plate.
The two teams in this were Tiverton & Sidmouth. This was a very close match and three of the matches went to 5 games.
1st on was string 5 with Alistair King (Tiverton) taking the first match. Then strings 4 & 3. Mark Chattey (Tiverton) taking a 3-2 victory and Paul Clare (Sidmouth) winning his match.
This taking Tiverton to a 2-1 overall score. Last to go on were the number 1 & 2 strings. Both matches going to 5 games with the string 2 match finishing first & Ian Jolley (Tiverton) winning 3-2 giving them the victory. The remaining match was won by Alick Russel (Sidmouth) 3-2.
The overall score was Tiverton winning 3 matches to 2.

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Alan Ford