The finals of the Devon Shield were held on Friday March 17th at Fort Stamford Squash Club.

I want to thank Royston for hosting the event on behalf of Plymouth University and to the two markers who gave thier time up. Wes Cullen and James O’Neill.

The Final:
Plymouth University v Paignton

First to go on were the no1’s. Luke Symer v Mark Bowey (Paignton). Mark went off very quickly, taking the 1st game 15/3. Luke warmed up but narrowly losing the 2nd game 12/15. Mark was too quick!!! for Luke winning the 3rd winning overall 3-0.

Next on was Cameron Green v Mark Griffiths (Paignton). The rallies were long but Cameron made a few more mistakes than Mark. Mark won 3-1 in the end.

Josh Taylor v Paul Garside (Paignton). Plymouth needed this to stay in the match. The 1st game was very close with Paul winning 15/13. The 2nd went 15/8 to Paul. Paignton only needed this game to seal the match victory. The 3rd match went the same way as the 2nd with Paul winning 15/8 winning 3-0 and giving Paignton the Devon Shield win.

2 more matches left, Julian Prow v Peter Reeve (Paignton) and Oscar Birch v Richard Birkett (Paignton).

Richard managed to reach most of the shots from Oscar. There were some very good rallies but Richard kept getting them back. Richard won 3-0.

Match of the night was Julian Prow v Peter Reeve (Paignton). Peter read the game very well and got to most of Julian’s shots. The 1st match went to Peter 15/9 but the 2nd (15/13) & 3rd (15/12) went to Julian. Peter fought back to take the 4th game to make it 2-2. The 5th went to Peter to win 3-2.

Paignton winning 5-0 (20-3) overall.

Paignton team with Bob Hefford (Chair) presenting the Devon Shield.
Bob Hefford/Mark Griffiths/Mark Bowey/Paul Garside/Richard Birkett and kneeling Peter Reeve.

More photos are online in the Picture Gallery.

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